Top Tip for Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodents are seeking shelter from the cold and our warm homes are cosy for them!

TOP TIPS: Store any firewood at least 5m away from your home

Seal cracks and holes around the home to prevent rodents entering

Keep storage sheds and garages clear and organised – rodents love hiding in clutter, store boxes off the floor

Contact a professional if you suspect an infestation


Winter is here!

Winter has well and truly arrived….make sure rats and mice don’t arrive at your house this season. It’s a good time to clear gardens and outdoor areas of debris. Less clutter, less places to hide!

Prepare for a Rat Plague

We are certainly finding this news article to be true! After a warm and dry summer rodents have exploded in numbers and are beginning to move inside for winter. Call the professionals at Procare to protect your home and find some helpful tips on what to look for and how to minimise problems here

Cooler days are coming…

Cooler days are coming … and when the cold creeps in so do the rodents! Prevention is key, so now is the time to protect your home from these unwanted visitors. A regular pest control program carried out by our qualified technicians is the best deterrent. If you suspect a problem or want to protect your home before winter, call your local pest control professionals at Procare for a rodent control service and helpful advice.