Have you noticed the mornings are a little bit crisper and there is a slight nip in the air?  The nights are cooler? And the beautiful shades of autumn colours are beginning to emerge?  Yes we are stepping into Autumn.  Unfortunately, along with the beauty of Autumn, come pests who make their way into our living environment seeking shelter, warmth and food.  If you have noticed these little creatures (i.e rodents/mice) encroaching on your space, just give Procare Services a call and one of our technicians will solve the problem for you.

Procare Services Ltd are located in East Auckland but service the greater Auckland area – East, North, West, South.  What sets us apart from other Pest Control Companies?  We take a personal interest in our clients and their pest control needs.  We maintain a high standard of service and our technicians keep up to date with the latest techniques available.  So if you would like to try our pest control or carpet cleaning services, please give our friendly staff a call on 0800776770 or email at

Going Forward With COVID-19 Alert Level 3

We at Procare Services hope that you are keeping safe and well during this unprecedented time which has affected every aspect of our lives.
As the nation moves into Alert Level 3 on 28th April 2020 (, our team is geared up to manage any unwanted guests who have invaded your bubble during the lockdown.

With wet and cooler months fast approaching, ants and rodents are moving indoors seeking food, warmth and shelter. Locked down buildings and warehouses may have become an uninterrupted breeding ground for pests to flourish.
Adhering to high health and safety procedures in level 3 our experienced technicians are all equipped to provide you with the best pest control solution using the best products and techniques available in the industry, guaranteeing a pest-free environment to our domestic and commercial clients to operate efficiently and effectively with peace of mind.

If you would like a pest-free home and workplace, Call us on 08000 776 770 or email for a customised hassle-free pest control solution!

Rodents chew through electrical wiring

A recent photo taken on one of our sites. Rodents had chewed through electrical wiring.

Rats and mice can cause major damage by chewing wires and burrowing through insulation.

Our technicians laid weatherproof, lockable bait stations in discreet areas to control these unwanted pests.

Follow this link for further information on what to look and more helpful tips



Keep unwanted pests away this Winter

A warm fire is so inviting! But don’t make your home too inviting for rodents by following these tips:

Clean up any pet food or scraps

Trim any trees that may be around the guttering or roof

Block any potential entry holes into the home; including behind appliances and in cupboards

Follow this link for further information on what to look and more helpful tips

Procare also provide effective insect control and carpet/upholstery steam cleaning services for both commercial and residential premises. Call our friendly team for more information.




It’s a great feeling….

Our Team is proud when we receive great feedback like this!




Don’t put up with those flies!

Tired of chasing flies around with a can of fly spray? With these warmer days their breeding and activity increases.

Flies not only are a nuisance but can contaminate our food and surroundings.

Have one of our technicians visit to carry out a fly control service to help keep them under control.

Contact us today on 0800 776 770 for helpful information or to make a booking.

Get in quick…

Appointments are filling up so get in quick to book your Summer service!

If you haven’t already booked in your treatment, call our friendly staff on 0800 776 770.

Summer is coming…

Here at Procare we are happy to see winter behind us! It’s now October and we know the warmer days ahead will bring an increase in pest activity. A tailored pest control treatment from Procare will help eliminate these unwanted visitors from your home, workplace or rental property. We can even treat your vehicle or campervan to keep it pest free too. If you don’t want issues with ants, fleas, spiders, flies, cockroaches or rodents we can help. We also offer steam cleaning services for carpets and upholstery.

If you haven’t already booked in your treatment, call our friendly staff on 0800 776 770.

Spring/Summer is our busiest time of year so we encourage you to make a booking early to avoid missing out on your preferred day and time. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all a great summer ahead.

How to prevent pests

How to prevent pests…Top tip: Ensure outside bins have a tight fitting lid to prevent pests in your property and garden. We can even treat your rubbish bins to keep them fly/fly larvae, spider and ant free throughout the year.

It’s still cold out and just like Christchurch, rats have had their fair share of activity across Auckland. Be vigilant and clear rubbish, pet food, food waste etc. Give us a call if you think you are overrun!

Carpet Cleaning – Carpets need a freshen up?

Are your carpets or upholstery needing a freshen up? Our mission is to keep your home clean all year round. Our technicians provide professional and quality work, at an affordable price. Contact our friendly team for a carpet cleaning quote before the Spring rush!