Why Are There More Flies In The Summer?

Every year, flies tend to become more of a nuisance during the summer months. The warmer temperatures of these months create the perfect conditions for flies to breed. 

The heat and humidity assist flies with their breeding cycle. Insects are cold blooded creatures, therefore, as the temperature rises, the insects temperature rises causing them to become more active. 

Flies are insects that are attracted to decaying organic material. That is why many find that they like to look for food in the garbage or even in a pet’s faeces. These are the areas where they lay their eggs, causing many more flies to invade homes.

The beginning of December 2022, has not given us the summer we want so far. However, due to the wet weather, the flies are less active at this time of the year.

How can we prepare ourselves for flies before the warm weather begins?

As a preventative, we encourage many to keep their kitchens clean and put away any food sources that can attract flies. 

If you find flies infesting your home despite your best efforts, please contact Procare Services Ltd. Our friendly office staff would be happy to make a booking for you.